Green Chile Dip

by JLuvsCooking     Nov 12, 2011
A creamy dip with a kick...or not!

I went to the store to buy pre-made green chile dip and when I went to grab it, I thought to myself, "save your money and make it at home". I knew I ... << read more >>
Difficulty: Easy
Yield: 10 servings
Prep Time: 10 Min(s)
Cook Time: 0 Min(s)
Ready In: 10 Min(s)
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8 ounces of sour cream [+]
8 ounces of mayonnaise [+]
2 teaspoons of ranch dip powder (add less/more to taste) [+]
1 cup of chopped frozen or canned green chiles (make sure to drain and squeeze out all of the liquid)* [+]

*If you want to roast your own chiles, broil or blacken them on a gas stove. Place in a paper bag and close, place paper bag in a plastic shopping bag, tie handles and allow to sweat for about 30 minutes. Under cold water, peel roasted skin.


Mix first 3 ingredients.  Mix in green chiles

This is great with your veggie tray or tortilla chips!


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A young cook from Minnesota, she is gluten-free and has shared many delicious, healthy, and gluten-free recipes. This was great for our campaign with Generation Rescue as many autistic children are on gluten and casein free diets.
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